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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Michigan Man

I have just posted a new video called Michigan Man on my website. You can check it out at Randy Indish Photography in the Music Videos/Life section. This is a fun memorial to my Brother Rick, who left us way before his time. He just missed seeing his first Grandson, Tyler, by a few months. You can see Tyler's first year video here as well. Rick was a unique person. Everyone who knew him, loved him. He was a true outdoorsman, hunting, fishing, flying... even Dirt Bike Riding and Motocross were very special activities for him. He was also a character... he seemed to have No-Fear of anything. When my family talks about Rick the stories come fast, furious and funny. In the picture above Rick is showing me his new "BassBoat".

The last two years of his life, he and I were re-bonding and he loved going with me on my Bass Boat. For a couple summers we had some great times flying across Lake St Clair with our hair on fire and catching those big, beautiful, smallmouth bass. The last week we spent together saw us out on Saginaw Bay... Sagnasty Bay to fishermen... where we hit a rock and did $4000 damage to my lower unit.. then we went up north where we were using my underwater camera and promptly chopped the very expensive cable with the prop... but still, those are great memories and I am so glad that life had brought us back together at last. I'd happily give another $4000 just to spend one more day with him. Sometimes it seems you get caught up in life and loose track of what's truly important. Rick reminded us all. I have to stop typing now as I'm starting to make myself a little misty... but it's a good misty.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Jackie and Douglas

Jackie and Douglas were married in Farmington Hills at the City Hall on Friday, February 6th. The ceremony was performed by the Mayor. This is a very nice, extremely happy couple. Jackie made a beautiful bride.. very delicate features and a beautiful smile.


Douglas is a mountain of a man. I had to stand on my tip toes to get him in frame... and have him shrink a little on these shots with Jackie. Like a lot of big men he is a gentle giant and you can see in his eyes that Jackie is the light of his life. I wish you two the best of luck in everything you do and thank you for letting me be your photographer.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Kelsey and Chris

Kelsey and Chris will be married on March 20th, 2009. We spent a little time in the bitter cold doing a few engagement photos. My fingers got so cold carrying my Nikon around the park that they actually ached... but we got some really different shots that only the adventurous among us would attempt. With aching fingers, runny noses, and a bright winter sun we have some nice shots of this handsome couple. A terrific funloving couple, as you can see, with wonderful parents. March 20th will be a blast.. I just hope old man winter is gone by then. Congratulations Kelsey and Chris!